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Finding the Best Inline Skate Wheels for Speed

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Speed skating is an exhilarating aspect of inline skating that demands precision, skill, and the right equipment.

At the heart of speed skating performance lies the choice of wheels.

The right set of wheels can significantly enhance your speed, control, and overall performance on the track.

This guide is designed to help you navigate the complexities of selecting the best inline skate wheels for speed, ensuring that you’re equipped to glide faster and with greater efficiency.

Key Takeaways

  1. Durometer: The hardness of your wheels (measured by the durometer) significantly impacts your speed and grip. For speed skating, choose harder wheels (85A to 100A) for smooth surfaces to achieve higher speeds.
  2. Size Influences Speed and Agility: Larger wheels (100mm to 125mm) are preferred for outdoor speed skating due to their ability to maintain higher speeds over longer distances. Smaller wheels offer quicker acceleration, making them ideal for indoor tracks.
  3. Wheel Profile Affects Performance: A narrow profile reduces rolling resistance and increases speed, while a wider profile offers more stability but may slow you down. Choose based on your need for speed versus control.
  4. Material Matters: High-performance polyurethane and specialized core materials enhance speed, durability, and energy transfer. Look for wheels that balance these elements to suit your speed skating goals.
  5. Top Picks for Speed Wheels: Consider reputable brands and models like the Matter G13, MPC Black Magic, Powerslide Infinity, and Atom Matrix for their proven track records in providing speed, grip, and durability.
  6. Personal Preference and Conditions Play a Role: The best wheel for you depends on your skating style, weight, and the surfaces you skate on. Experiment with different wheels to find the perfect match for your specific needs.
  7. Maintenance Enhances Performance: Regularly clean and rotate your wheels to ensure they remain in optimal condition for speed skating.

Key aspects when selecting your inline skate wheels, you can enhance your speed skating experience, achieving greater speeds and improved performance on the track.

The right wheels can make a significant difference in your skating dynamics, so choose wisely and skate swiftly!

Factors to Consider When Selecting Inline Speed Skate Wheels

1. Durometer: The Hardness Factor

The durometer scale measures wheel hardness, with ratings typically ranging from 85A to 100A for speed skate wheels.

Harder wheels (closer to 100A) offer less grip but faster speeds on smooth surfaces, making them ideal for outdoor speed skating. Softer wheels (closer to 85A), on the other hand, provide better grip, suitable for indoor tracks or surfaces with more texture.

The choice between grip and speed often depends on your racing environment and personal preference.

2. Diameter: Size Matters

Wheel diameter is a critical factor in balancing speed and manoeuvrability.

Smaller wheels, ranging from 80mm to 90mm, are often chosen for indoor racing due to their quick acceleration and agility.

Larger wheels, from 100mm to 125mm, are preferred for outdoor speed skating, as they maintain higher speeds over longer distances.

The larger the diameter, the more ground you cover with each stride, enhancing your speed efficiency.

3. Profile: Narrow vs. Wide

The wheel profile affects how much of the wheel touches the ground, influencing rolling resistance and stability.

A narrow profile wheel reduces contact with the surface, decreasing rolling resistance and increasing speed.

Conversely, wider profiles offer more stability and grip but may reduce top-end speed.

Your choice should reflect a balance between the need for speed and the desire for control, tailored to your skating style.

4. Material: The Science Behind Performance

Most high-performance speed skate wheels are crafted from advanced polyurethane formulas.

These materials are engineered for optimal energy transfer, durability, and speed capabilities.

Some wheels feature specialized cores designed to reduce weight and enhance the wheel’s structural integrity, further boosting speed performance.

Top Inline Speed Skate Wheels

1. Matter G13

The Matter G13 wheels have built a formidable reputation in the speed skating world.

They offer an impressive blend of speed, grip, and durability, making them a top choice for serious racers.

Their performance across various surfaces is unmatched, providing skaters with the confidence to push their limits.

2. MPC Black Magic

MPC Black Magic wheels are celebrated for their exceptional grip and responsiveness.

Featuring dual-durometer construction and Turbo Core technology, these wheels are designed for skaters who demand the best in acceleration and cornering ability, without sacrificing top-end speed.

3. Powerslide Infinity

The Powerslide Infinity wheels are renowned for their versatility and durability.

They perform admirably both indoors and outdoors, offering skaters a balanced wheel that doesn’t compromise on speed or grip.

Their robust construction ensures they can withstand the rigours of intense racing.

4. Atom Matrix

Atom Matrix wheels provide a smooth and fast ride, thanks to their 86A durometer rating.

This balance of performance characteristics makes them suitable for skaters who seek a wheel that excels in a variety of conditions, offering a blend of speed, grip, and durability.


Choosing the right wheels is crucial for any speed skater looking to enhance their performance.

Consider the durometer, diameter, profile, and material of the wheels to find the perfect match for your skating style and environment.

The Matter G13, MPC Black Magic, Powerslide Infinity, and Atom Matrix are all excellent choices that cater to the needs of speed skaters, each offering unique advantages.

Experiment with different wheels to discover what works best for you, and enjoy the speed boost that the right set of wheels can provide.

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