types of inline skate wheels

Exploring the Types of Inline Skate Wheels

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Inline skating has evolved into a diverse sport, catering to various styles ranging from recreational skating to aggressive, speed, and freestyle skating.

Central to the skating experience is one crucial component: the wheels.

Understanding the types of inline skate wheels is essential for every skater, whether you’re gliding through the park or performing tricks at a skatepark.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand Your Skating Style: The choice of inline skate wheels should be directly influenced by your primary skating style—recreational, speed, aggressive, or indoor/outdoor. Each style demands specific wheel characteristics for optimal performance.
  2. Recreational Wheels: Ideal for beginners and casual skaters, offering a balance between speed and manoeuvrability with medium size and hardness.
  3. Speed Wheels: Designed for high-speed skating on smooth surfaces, these larger and harder wheels enable skaters to achieve and maintain higher speeds.
  4. Aggressive Wheels: Smaller and more durable, these wheels are built for skatepark activities including jumps and tricks, providing the necessary grip and control.
  5. Outdoor vs. Indoor Wheels: Choose softer wheels for outdoor skating to handle rough surfaces, and harder wheels for indoor rinks to maximize speed and smoothness.
  6. Speciality Wheels Exist: For niche skating activities like freestyle or off-road, look for wheels designed specifically for those environments to enhance your experience.
  7. Size and Hardness Matter: Larger wheels are faster but less manoeuvrable, while smaller wheels offer better control. Hardness affects grip and durability—softer for grip on rough surfaces, harder for speed on smooth ones.
  8. Experiment for Perfection: Don’t be afraid to try different types of wheels to find the perfect match for your skating style and preferred surfaces. The right wheels can significantly improve your skating experience.

Recreational Wheels

Designed for casual skating on sidewalks and paved trails, recreational wheels are the all-rounders of the inline skate world.

They typically range in size from 76mm to 84mm and feature a medium hardness (around 78A to 85A on the durometer scale).

These wheels offer a balance between speed and maneuverability, making them perfect for beginners and intermediate skaters seeking comfort and stability.

Speed Wheels

Speed wheels cater to the adrenaline junkies of inline skating. Larger in size, these wheels can range from 90mm to 110mm and boast a higher hardness level, often exceeding 85A.

The increased size and hardness allow for minimal rolling resistance, enabling skaters to achieve higher speeds.

These wheels are best suited for smooth surfaces and long-distance skating, such as marathons or time trials.

Aggressive Wheels

Aggressive skating demands wheels that can handle the rigours of jumps, grinds, and slides.

Aggressive wheels are smaller, typically less than 60mm, and made of a durable, hard material. Despite their hardness, these wheels provide the grip needed for skatepark surfaces and the strength to withstand the impact of tricks and stunts.

Their smaller size offers enhanced control and responsiveness for technical manoeuvres.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Wheels

The battle between outdoor and indoor wheels boils down to hardness and grip. Outdoor wheels are softer (78A to 85A) to absorb the irregularities of rough surfaces like asphalt and concrete, providing a smoother ride.

Indoor wheels, on the other hand, are harder (88A to 95A), catering to the smooth, slick surfaces found in rinks and indoor arenas. This hardness translates to faster speeds and better roll on smooth surfaces.

Specialty Wheels

Beyond the main categories, there are speciality wheels designed for specific niches within inline skating:

  • Freestyle wheels: Tailored for slalom and intricate footwork, combining grip, responsiveness, and durability.
  • Off-road wheels: Larger, air-filled tyres meant for skating on dirt or gravel paths, offering stability and shock absorption.

Key Considerations When Choosing Wheels

When selecting inline skate wheels, consider your primary skating environment and style.

Recreational skaters and those frequenting a variety of surfaces may opt for versatility, while specialized skaters (speed, aggressive, or freestyle) will prefer wheels that enhance their specific performance needs.

Always consider wheel size, hardness, and the type of bearing setup when making your choice.


The variety of inline skate wheels available today means there’s a perfect set out there for every skater’s needs.

By understanding the types of inline skate wheels and their designed purposes, you can tailor your skating experience to your preferences, whether you’re cruising for leisure or competing at high speeds.

Experiment with different wheel types to find your ideal match and elevate your skating journey.

Remember, the right wheels not only improve performance but also enhance safety and enjoyment on your skating adventures. So, strap on your skates, and let the good times roll!

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