waxed vs non waxed roller skate laces

Waxed Vs Non Waxed Roller Skate Lace’s

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Choosing the right roller skate laces can significantly affect your skating experience, offering different levels of comfort, security, and performance. This comparison examines the Derby Laces CORE Narrow 6mm Waxed Lace and Zechy Roller Skate Laces (Unwaxed) to help you decide which is better suited to your needs.

Key Features

Derby Laces CORE Narrow 6mm Waxed Lace are designed for a wide range of footwear, including roller skates and boots, offering durability and precision thanks to their lightly waxed design and high-tensile strength fibres. They come with moulded tips for enhanced durability and are available in various colours.

Zechy Roller Skate Laces (Unwaxed) prioritize comfort and ease of adjustment, featuring a durable weave for long-lasting performance. These laces come in a wide range of sizes and are equipped with moulded tips to prevent fraying, catering to all roller skate types and sizes.

Pros and Cons

Derby Laces CORE (Waxed):

  • Pros: Stays tied securely, suitable for various footwear, durable fibres, easy-to-repair moulded tips.
  • Cons: Limited colour options, some users report they can come undone.

Zechy Laces (Unwaxed):

  • Pros: Comfortable fit, allows for personalized tightness, stays tied during intense sessions, durable.
  • Cons: Less grip compared to waxed laces, which might affect performance for some skaters.

Comparison Chart

FeatureDerby Laces CORE (Waxed)Zechy Laces (Unwaxed)
MaterialRoller skates, of various sizesDurable weave, unwaxed
Designed ForRoller skates, boots, various shoesHigh, designed to withstand rigours of skating
DurabilityHigh, with abrasion and moisture resistanceMoulded, prevents fraying
ComfortHigh-tenacity fibres, lightly waxedComfortable, easy adjustment
Sizes AvailableMultiple lengths72 to 130 inches
Tip DesignSecure fit may need readjustmentHigh, designed to withstand the rigours of skating
GripEnhanced by waxLess grip, more comfort

Customer Reviews

Customers of Derby Laces CORE appreciate the durability and secure fit, though some desire more colour options and note issues with staying tied. Zechy Lace’s users highlight the comfort and ease of achieving a customized fit, though the lack of wax may reduce grip for some.

In conclusion, your choice between Derby Laces CORE Narrow 6mm Waxed Lace and Zechy Roller Skate Laces should align with your preferences for grip and security versus comfort and ease of adjustment. Both offer unique advantages, making them suitable for different types of skaters and skating activities.

Whether you prioritize performance and security with the Derby Laces CORE Narrow 6mm Waxed Lace or value comfort and ease of use with Zechy Roller Skate Laces (Unwaxed), both options present compelling features for skaters of all levels. Your specific needs should guide your decision, whether that’s a tighter, more secure fit for rigorous activities or a more comfortable, flexible lace for casual skating. Evaluating the pros and cons alongside customer feedback provides a comprehensive view to make an informed choice that enhances your roller skating experience.

When it comes to choosing between waxed and non-waxed laces, it’s important to consider your personal preferences. Waxed laces tend to snap more frequently than unwaxed laces, and they can be difficult to untie and loosen in a hurry. Additionally, the texture of the lace can make tying them uncomfortable.


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