K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa

Rollerblade Macroblade 90 vs K2 Skate Vo2 S 90: A Detailed Comparison

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Today, we’re are taking a look into a showdown between two awesome inline skates designed for fitness enthusiasts. We’ve got the Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate and the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa. These skates are all about speed, stability, and comfort, perfect for folks who want to train, get some exercise, or just cruise faster than the wind.

Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

The Rollerblade Macroblade 90, a skate that’s a fitness enthusiast’s dream come true. If you’re all about that high-performance action with some serious lateral support, you’re in for a treat.

These skates are tailor-made for those of us who want to train, exercise, or simply blast off like a rocket while keeping our balance in check.

What sets the Macroblade 90 apart? Well, the ace up its sleeve is the flex and lateral support it brings to the table. Thanks to that taller cuff, you’re looking at enhanced stability, which comes in clutch for balancing during your stride. If you’re someone who needs that extra hug around your ankle, these might be your new best friend.

And comfort? You bet that’s on the checklist too. The mesh upper, engineered like an athletic shoe, doesn’t just keep your feet breathing easy; it’s cushioned in all the right spots. So, it’s like a plush hug for your feet while you conquer those miles. Plus, the combination of buckle, power strap, and lace lock closure doesn’t just secure your feet; it lets them breathe. No sweaty toes here!

Now, about that frame – it’s a twin-blade aluminium 11″ frame, designed to turbocharge your speed and give you rock-solid balance. And with the low-profile design, you’re riding close to the ground, which means you’re in control, like a skating ninja.

Let’s talk wheels. These Rollerblade Performance Wheels are sweet – 90mm in size and with an 85A hardness. That’s the magic formula for both speed and control. And the SG9 bearings? Well, they make sure you’re on the express lane during your skating adventures.

Now, what do fellow skaters have to say about this wonder on wheels? Out of 118 customer ratings, it’s wearing an impressive 4.6 out of 5-star crown. People are singing praises about its performance, the rock-solid stability it brings, and, of course, that cosy comfort that keeps them rolling. Sounds like a winner, doesn’t it?

K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa

Now, let’s give a warm welcome to the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa. This bad boy is another fantastic option for those on the hunt for a top-notch inline skate. It’s all about delivering a smooth and efficient skating experience while keeping you comfortable in the process.

Here’s the deal with the Vo2 S 90 Boa – it rocks a lace-up closure system, which means your feet get a snug and custom-made fit. No wobbles here! And with its trusty aluminium construction, you’re not just getting durability but also some rock-solid stability. So, no worries about your gear letting you down mid-session.

What about the wheels? The Vo2 S 90 Boa sports polyurethane wheels that are all about providing a smooth and controlled ride. These babies can handle various terrains, so whether you’re cruising indoors or tackling the great outdoors, they’ve got you covered.

Now, let’s talk ratings. The Vo2 S 90 Boa might have a slightly lower average rating compared to the Macroblade 90. It’s holding strong with 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 33 customer ratings. That’s pretty darn reliable and ensures you’ll have a blast out on the pavement.

In a nutshell, both the Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate and the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa are solid choices for those of us who put performance, comfort, and stability at the top of our inline skating checklist. The Macroblade 90 has that extra lateral support and a secure closure system, while the Vo2 S 90 Boa shines with its custom fit. So, it all boils down to your personal preferences and skating needs. Happy skating, my friend!

Pros and Cons

Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Let’s talk about the pros of the Rollerblade Macroblade 90 – and there are some pretty great ones:

1. Wide Fit for Happy Feet: If you’ve got wider feet, you’re in luck. Folks with broader and thicker feet have given these skates a thumbs-up. The generous sizing and design mean you can slip into these without any fuss. It’s like they were tailor-made for comfort.

2. Smooth as Butter: Who doesn’t love a smooth ride? Customers are raving about the silky performance of these skates. The top-notch wheels make sure your glide is as seamless as it gets, giving you a hassle-free skating experience.

3. Built to Last: These Rollerblade Macroblade 90s are no pushovers when it comes to durability. They’re made with sturdy plastic material that can take a beating without breaking a sweat. So, if you’re a fitness fanatic or a skateaholic, these skates are in it for the long haul. Solid choice, right?

Seems like the Macroblade 90 has its perks, especially for those of us with wider feet who want to enjoy a reliable and smooth skating experience. It’s all about finding the right fit for your needs!

Now, let’s flip the coin and chat about the not-so-sunny side of the Rollerblade Macroblade 90. Don’t worry; no skate is perfect, and this one’s got a few hiccups:

Closure Confusion: While these skates do the whole buckle and lace-up thing, some users might find this combo less user-friendly compared to other models that offer a more straightforward closure system. It’s like having two keys for the same lock – it works, but it’s a bit more fiddly.

The Color Conundrum: If you’re all about skating in style, well, you might be a tad disappointed here. The Rollerblade Macroblade 90 comes in one flavour – ORION BLUE/SPICY ORANGE. If you’re the type who craves more colour options, this limited selection might not tickle your fancy.

So, while the Macroblade 90 has its upsides, it’s not immune to a few quirks. But hey, no skate is perfect, and it all comes down to what you can live with!

K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa

Let’s not forget to shine a light on the pros of the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa. These skates have some serious strengths that skaters are cheering about:

1. Top-Notch Performance: Folks who’ve made the switch from Rollerblade to K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa are singing praises. They say the performance is a cut above, with a smooth ride that feels oh-so-good. Plus, they’re basking in the cosy comfort these skates deliver.

2. Bang for Your Buck: Users are giving a thumbs-up to the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa in the value department. They see it as a sound investment, delivering quality construction, comfort, and top-notch performance that’s well worth the price. It’s like getting the whole package without breaking the bank.

3. Happy Feet for Days: Comfort is the name of the game with these skates. You can skate on and on without feeling the fatigue creeping in. The lace-up closure system ensures a snug fit that’s all about you. No discomfort, no fatigue – just smooth sailing.

Seems like the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa knows how to deliver top-tier performance, value, and comfort. It’s like the goldilocks of skates – not too much, not too little, just right!

Now, let’s put on our detective hats and uncover the not-so-bright side of the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa. Just like any skate, it’s got its quirks:

Colour Conundrum, Part Deux: It seems like these skates are taking a “less is more” approach when it comes to colour. The only shade in town is Black Night. If you’re the kind who craves a rainbow of options, you might find yourself craving a bit more pizzazz.

Wheel Woes: Some users have their hearts set on polyurethane wheels, but these skates roll with a different wheel material. It’s like expecting chocolate ice cream and getting vanilla – it’s good, but it’s not what you were hoping for. This might affect the ride quality for certain skaters.

So, while the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa shines in many ways, it’s not without its quirks. It’s all about deciding what you can live with, and which pros outweigh the cons for you!

Comparison Chart

FeatureRollerblade Macroblade 90K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa
Fit and ComfortWide fit, cushioned, and breathable for comfort.Lace-up closure for a snug fit; high comfort.
PerformanceSmooth ride with top-notch wheels and stability.Praised for superior performance and smooth ride.
DurabilitySturdy construction for longevity.Quality construction valued for durability.
Closure SystemBuckle, power strap, and lace lock; may be less user-friendly.Lace-up system provides a custom fit.
Color OptionsLimited to one color scheme.Only available in Black Night.
Limited to one colour scheme.SG9 bearings for speed and control.Polyurethane wheels, some preferences may differ.
ValueGood investment for the price.
Customer Ratings4.6 out of 5 stars from 118 ratings.4.3 out of 5 stars from 33 ratings.
This chart highlights the main advantages and drawbacks of each model based on customer reviews and the product’s features.

Customer Reviews

Now, let’s tap into the valuable treasure chest of customer experiences and see what fellow skaters have to say about the Rollerblade Macroblade 90 and the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa.

Rollerblade Macroblade 90:

On the whole, the Macroblade 90 is strutting its stuff with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. It’s like that album with a few great tracks, a couple of skips, and the rest just vibing in between.

K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa:

The K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa seems to be the mysterious enigma in this customer review party. It’s like that indie film you’ve heard about but haven’t had a chance to see. With fewer customer reviews to tap into, we’re left in the dark, waiting for more opinions to shine a light. However, from the glimpses we do have, one customer is singing praises about the excellent quality of these skates. It’s like a trailer that promises an epic story – it’s just a teaser of what’s to come.

Remember, customer reviews are like different flavours of ice cream – they vary depending on personal tastes. While the Macroblade 90 has had more feedback, the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa seems like a promising player, but it’s waiting for a larger audience to weigh in. So, fellow skaters, take these tales into account when you’re making your big skate decision!


Alright, my skating pals, after putting both the Rollerblade Macroblade 90 and the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa through their paces, it’s time to lay down the verdict. And let me tell you, it’s no easy call because both of these skates bring something awesome to the table.

Rollerblade Macroblade 90 is your go-to choice if you’re all about stability and lateral support. Perfect for the fitness enthusiast who wants to train, work those muscles, or simply blaze through the streets. That higher cuff is like having a rock-solid buddy who’s got your back, helping you stay balanced. Plus, that cushy athletic shoe-inspired mesh upper is like a cosy hug for your feet, letting them breathe while you conquer the world. And when it comes to the Twinblade aluminium frame and Rollerblade performance wheels, it’s like having the keys to a sports car – speed, balance, and stability all in one package.

On the flip side, the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa takes the cake in the convenience department. That Boa closure system is a game-changer, making adjustments a breeze. And with the Vortech Ventilation System, your feet will stay cool and dry even on the hottest days. The VO2 S frame is your ticket to a ride that’s smooth and snappy, while the 90mm wheels offer a sweet balance between speed and control.

Now, let’s not forget our customer testimonials. Both of these skates have their fans – the Rollerblade Macroblade 90 gets kudos for its quality and comfort, while the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa draws applause for its wide fit.

But when the dust settles, our recommendation leans towards the Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate. It’s got that killer combo of stability, comfort, and performance that’s like hitting the skating jackpot. So, strap on those skates, hit the pavement, and let the Macroblade 90 take you on the ride of a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the size and colour options available for both products?

A: The Rollerblade Macroblade 90, is available in size 6 and comes in the color ORION BLUE/SPICY ORANGE. On the other hand, The K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa, offers various size options and colour choices. Please refer to the Amazon product page for the specific size and colour options available.

Q: What is the wheel size and material of Macroblade 90

A: The Rollerblade Macroblade 90 has a wheel size of 90 millimetres. The material used in the construction of this inline skate is plastic. For further details, please refer to the Amazon product page.

Q: What is the closure type of both products?

A: The Rollerblade Macroblade 90, features a closure system that includes both a buckle and lace-up design. On the other hand, the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa, utilizes a BOA closure system. For more information on the closure type, please visit the respective product pages on Amazon.

Q: What is the overall rating and customer feedback for both products?

A: Product #1, the Rollerblade Macroblade 90, has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 118 customer ratings. Customers have praised its lightweight design, easy manoeuvrability, and great quality. However, some have mentioned difficulty in getting a tight lock on the shin strap. Product #2, the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa, does not have an overall rating or customer reviews available at this time.

Q: Can you provide a summary of the feedback from customers?

A: Customers generally have positive feedback for the Rollerblade Macroblade 90. They appreciate its wider fit, lightweight design, easy manoeuvrability, and great quality. Some customers have mentioned issues with the shin strap lock or finding lower prices elsewhere. Unfortunately, there is no available customer feedback for the K2 Skate Vo2 S 90 Boa, at this time.

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