Best inline speed skates

Best Inline Speed Skates: The Ultimate Guide

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Inline speed skating is a thrilling sport enjoyed by many enthusiasts worldwide. It requires high-quality inline speed skates that can help you achieve maximum speed, control, and stability. In this article, we will discuss the different types of inline speed skates, key features to look for, the top speed skates, additional tips, and a conclusion to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a pair of the best inline speed skates.

Types of Inline Speed Skates

There are two main types of inline speed skates: the standard inline speed skates and the marathon inline speed skates.

Standard inline speed skates are designed for short-distance races, sprints, and speed skating. They typically feature smaller wheels, ranging from 80-110mm, and a shorter frame for improved manoeuvrability and speed.

Marathon inline speed skates, on the other hand, are designed for longer-distance races and endurance skating. They usually feature larger wheels, ranging from 100-125mm, and a longer frame for better stability and speed.

Key Features to Look for in Inline Speed Skates

When choosing a pair of inline speed skates, there are several key features to consider, including:

  1. Boot Material: Look for a boot that is made of durable materials such as carbon fibre or fibreglass. These materials provide excellent support, stability, and power transfer.
  2. Frame: The frame is an essential component of inline speed skates as it determines the skate’s speed, stability, and manoeuvrability. Choose a frame that is made of lightweight materials such as aluminium or carbon fibre, and that is compatible with the wheel size you prefer.
  3. Wheels: The wheels’ size, hardness, and quality significantly impact the skate’s speed, control, and stability. Choose wheels that are made of high-quality polyurethane materials, and are compatible with your frame.
  4. Bearings: The bearings are responsible for reducing friction between the wheels and the frame, which helps to improve speed and control. Look for bearings that are made of high-quality materials, and that have a high ABEC rating for maximum speed and efficiency.

The Top Inline Speed Skates

First, let me say, that this list is in no particular order as the best speed skate is dependent on many factors. It’s a bit like saying Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth because he wears Nike trainers!!!

If that were true everyone that wore Nike trainers would be the fastest person on earth. However, from extensive research, I have come up with this list of skates for you to consider.

Bont Jet inline speed skates

Bont Inline Speed Skating Racing Package - Luna Skate Boot + 2PF 6061 Frame + Elemental WheelsPin

These skates are fantastic! they are a really snug fit, so you have total control over your movements. The boot is made with a special one-piece manufacturing process, so it’s really strong and lightweight.

They are heat moldable and won’t stretch over time. The frame is made with super strong 6061 aluminium and comes with great wheels and bearings. I definitely recommend it to all levels of speed skaters.

Rollerblade Powerblade Elite 125

Rollerblade Powerblade Elite 125 Roller SkatesPin

These skates are awesome! They have a heat-moldable carbon boot for a custom fit, 45° micro-adjustable buckles, and a 3WD extruded aluminium frame. Plus, they come with Elite-Performance Hydrogen Wheels!

The wheels are 125mm/85A, made in the USA with a special urethane formula that makes them super fast and long-lasting.

The Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings make Them even faster!

These skates are perfect for speed and are great value.


K2 SkatesPin

These skates are relatively new but being a K2 fan I couldn’t miss giving these skates a mention.

These skates are lightweight but still really supportive, so you can go really fast and your feet won’t get tired. The upper part is made of a ventilated microfiber that feels really snug and comfortable, and it’s got four different zones of closure and laces, so you can adjust it to fit perfectly. And the wheels are really cool too – they’re called Flash Discs and they look really aerodynamic, so you can really fly around the track. Overall, the Redline 125 is a great choice for any speed skater.

The Powerslide 3X 110 inline speed skate

Powerslide Inline Skates 3x4 110 Complete 41Pin

The boot was designed by Sergio McCargo, a world-renowned expert custom boot maker and former world-class competitive speed skater. The boot is super comfortable and supportive, so you can get the most power out of it. The frame is also amazing – it’s made from 7003 aircraft aluminium, and it has a 195mm 2-point mounting system. Plus, it comes with awesome Matter G13 wheels and Wicked bearings. If you want to be a winner, the Powerslide 3X 110 inline-speed skate is the way to go!

Additional Tips

When choosing a pair of inline speed skates, it is essential to consider your skill level, skating needs, and budget. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with a more affordable pair of skates that offer adequate support, comfort, and stability.

As you improve, you can upgrade to more advanced and expensive skates that offer better performance and speed.

  • Make sure to choose the right size and fit for your inline speed skates as a proper fit is important to ensure safety and comfort.

  • Properly maintain your skates by keeping the bearings lubricated and the wheels in good condition to ensure the best performance.

  • Consider getting custom-fit skates for optimal performance

  • Always wear protective gear such as a helmet, and elbow and knee pads when inline skating.


When it comes to speed skating, having the correct and well-maintained equipment is essential. Don’t forget to check out our nutritional guide for skaters to ensure you perform physically at your best.

Are the Affordable Inline Speed Skates Included in the Best Inline Speed Skates Guide?

Yes, the best inline speed skates guide includes a section dedicated to affordable speed skates for thrilling experiences. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skater, this guide provides options that combine quality, performance, and affordability. Enjoy the thrill of skating without breaking the bank with these recommended affordable speed skates.


What are the fastest inline skates?

This is a great question and there is no definitive answer. Whilst the skates mentioned in the article are all superb skates, the overall speed of the skates is dependent on the skaters themselves.

Are speed skates good for beginners?

For beginners, quad skates are recommended for stability. Experienced skaters can try entry-level speed skates like Atom Pro for speed and skill development.

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