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Roller Derby Firestar Youth Skates Review: Best for Kids?

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Finding the perfect pair of youth roller skates can be a daunting task, but we recently had the chance to try out the Roller Derby Firestar skates. These skates hit the mark for us with their blend of durability and style.

Our kids loved how easy they were to put on, thanks to the combination of Velcro and lace closures. The lightweight torsion beam frame made for smoother skating, and the 54mm urethane wheels offered reliable grip and control.

We noticed that the skates held up well even after multiple uses, providing strong support and comfort. For those just starting, these skates offer a sturdy and enjoyable learning experience. On the flip side, sizing might be a bit tight, so consider going a size up.

Bottom Line

The Roller Derby Firestar skates are a worthwhile investment for young skaters. They combine comfort, style, and durability, making them an excellent choice for beginners.

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Overview of Roller Derby Firestar Youth Skates

We recently had the chance to try out the Derby Firestar skates, and they certainly offer a mix of strengths and weaknesses. These skates are easy to put on with their Velcro and lace closure design, making them suitable for beginners. Their lightweight torsion beam frame and polyurethane wheels contribute to a smooth and stable ride, which is key for young skaters.

A few aspects could be improved. The skate size might run smaller than expected, so consider ordering a size up. Additionally, the cushioning isn’t as plush as some might hope, especially at the top. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall durability and appealing design of the Firestar skates make them a solid choice for children stepping into the world of roller skating.

Sport Shoe Design With Closure Boot

The sport shoe design with closure boot on these skates offers both style and function. It features a Velcro strap and lace-up system, ensuring a snug fit for our kids, which keeps them securely in place during use.

We found the closure system particularly user-friendly. Kids can easily manage the Velcro strap without much adult help. On the other hand, the laces provide additional support and precision.

One downside is that the laces can come undone if not tied properly, which might require frequent adjustments. Despite this, the overall combination of Velcro and laces strikes a good balance between ease and effectiveness for young skaters.

Lightweight Torsion Beam Frame

The firestar youth skates really impressed us with their lightweight torsion beam frame. We noticed immediately how it made the skates feel lighter, which allowed for more control and easier maneuverability for kids just starting out.

Despite the frame being lightweight, it still feels sturdy and robust, giving a good blend of durability and ease of use. The kids didn’t experience the heavy, bulky feeling that can often make skating less enjoyable.

It should be mentioned that while the frame adds to the overall lightness, we did find that it might not offer the same level of stability as some heavier frames. For beginners, though, this can be an advantage as they learn the basics without feeling weighed down.

The lightweight design truly enhances the overall skating experience, making those first few learning sessions much more enjoyable.

Urethane Wheels for Smooth Rides

The urethane wheels on these skates truly make for a smoother ride. Having just tried them, we immediately noticed how well the wheels grip the surface, providing stability for both new and seasoned users. They rolled effortlessly, making our movements feel natural and controlled.


  • Smooth traction.
  • Excellent stability for beginners.
  • Reduced vibration on uneven surfaces.

On the downside, while the wheels offer great performance, they might wear out quicker on rougher terrain compared to harder materials. We recommend these for smooth indoor surfaces to prolong their lifespan. Overall, our experience with the urethane wheels has been very satisfying, enhancing the skating experience significantly.

High-Quality 608Z Excellerator Bearings

We’ve tested the Firestar Youth Skates, particularly focusing on the 608Z Excellerator bearings. These bearings significantly enhance the skating experience with their smooth performance and sturdy design.

The bearings contribute to a reliable ride, crucial for beginners and young skaters. Our young testers appreciated the consistent movement on different surfaces, a testament to the quality of these bearings.

However, we noticed that the bearings might require occasional maintenance to sustain peak performance. This is a minor trade-off for the overall durability and performance they provide in return. Overall, they’re a solid choice for anyone looking to invest in quality skates for kids.

Pros and Cons


One of the standout features of these skates is their combination of Velcro and lace closure, providing a secure fit that makes it easy for kids to put them on and take them off. The lightweight torsion beam frame enhances maneuverability, which is beneficial for beginners who are still developing their balance and coordination.

The 54mm urethane wheels offer a smooth ride, which is great for maintaining control, especially on various surfaces. The 608Z Excellerator bearings allow for a stable and enjoyable skating experience. Additionally, we found that the skates are quite sturdy, holding up well to regular use without showing significant signs of wear.


Despite their many strengths, there are a few drawbacks we noticed. Some users mention that the skates run a bit small, so it’s wise to consider sizing up, especially if your child is between sizes. There have also been isolated reports of quality control issues, such as receiving skates in less-than-perfect condition with dirty or torn laces.

Another minor issue is that the upper part of the boot could benefit from a bit more padding for increased comfort during extended use. While these skates perform well for recreational skating, they might not be the best choice for advanced skaters who are looking for high-performance features.

Customer Reviews

Parents and kids have mixed opinions about these skates. Many praised the sturdy construction and smooth wheels, making them great for beginners. The vibrant colors and design were also a hit with children.

Fit issues were mentioned, with some recommending sizing up. Comfort is generally well-rated, but a few noted the upper padding could be better. There’s an occasional complaint about receiving used skates.


  • Durable build
  • Smooth wheels for beginners
  • Attractive design and colors


  • Sizing may require adjustments
  • Upper padding could be improved
  • Rare issues with receiving pre-used items

Overall, these skates seem to hit the mark for most young skaters, providing a reliable and enjoyable experience.


These skates offer a mix of sturdy construction and appealing design, making them a great choice for young beginners. Our experience with the skates highlighted their comfort and durable build, though some found the sizing a bit off and recommended ordering a size up. The vibrant colors and smooth wheels were real winners. We did come across a few quality control issues, such as skates arriving dirty. Despite this, for most families, the Roller Derby Firestar Youth Skates provide good value for recreational use.

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