Bont Semi Race III Inline Skates a black roller skate with white wheels

Bont Semi Race III Inline Skates Review: Worth the Hype?

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If you’re a speed enthusiast looking for inline skates that blend racing performance with comfort, we have something that might catch your interest – the Bont Semi Race III. These skates are known for being a solid option, striking a balance between high-speed capability and comfort.

First off, the Bont Semi Race III boasts a rigid plastic cuff for stability, which is a new addition in this third iteration. This cuff adds a layer of support that helps with control during high-speed skating. Additionally, the skates feature large V-cuts in the front lace area, allowing for better forward flexion and a more comfortable stride.

Bottom Line

For skaters interested in speed and comfort, the Bont Semi Race III Inline Skates offer a compelling package.

They combine stability, comfort, and performance, making them a strong choice for anyone looking to upgrade their gear.

Overview of Bont Semi Race III Inline Skates

The Bont Semi Race III Inline Skates are designed for those who want both speed and comfort. This latest version includes a new rigid plastic cuff to increase stability, ensuring a smoother ride. The cuff remains flexible at the rear, allowing for better forward movement, aided by the large V-cuts in the lace area.

These skates feature the 2PF Unity Frame and 125mm Elemental Wheels, combined with ABEC7 bearings, offering excellent performance. The frame supports different wheel configurations, ranging from 90mm to 125mm, giving skaters flexibility based on their preferences.

While the Semi Race III is rated highly by users, some may find the lack of a brake a bit challenging, especially for beginners. The skates’ sleek and sporty design appeals to many, making them popular among seasoned skaters.

Ergonomic Boot Design

The Semi Race III skates come with a newly added rigid plastic cuff that offers better stability. This design change helps keep our ankles supported, making skating more comfortable for longer periods. The rear cuff remains soft, allowing for easier forward flexion, which is a key aspect for maintaining high speeds without strain.

Moreover, the V-cuts in the front lace area give more flexion, adding to the overall comfort. However, the rigid cuff might take some getting used to if we’re used to softer boots. These changes make the skates a good mix between performance and comfort, ideal for skaters who want to go fast without compromising on comfort.

Advanced Stability Features

When it comes to stability, these skates have several impressive features. One key addition is the rigid plastic cuff, which gives more support around the ankle. This helps in maintaining balance, especially at high speeds.

The skates also have a soft rear cuff for extra forward flexion. This design allows for better maneuverability without compromising control. The large V-cuts in the front lace area further aid in this flexibility.

All these elements work together to offer a stable yet flexible ride. Whether you’re a recreational skater or someone who enjoys a fast-paced race, these skates are designed to keep you steady and comfortable. While the rigid cuff enhances stability, it might feel a bit stiff for newer skaters initially, but most will appreciate the added support in the long run.

Versatile Wheel Configuration

The Bont Semi Race III Inline Skates come with a unique wheel setup that elevates the skating experience. With 125mm Elemental wheels, these skates offer a great balance between speed and control. The larger wheel size makes them ideal for both smooth and slightly rough terrains.

We noticed that skaters appreciate the polycarbonate construction of the wheels. They report that it seems durable and gives a good grip on various surfaces. This is great for those looking to switch between indoor and outdoor skating.

On the flip side, the larger wheels might take some getting used to, especially for beginners. They can feel a bit unwieldy at first for those who aren’t used to larger wheels.

The clever configuration of these wheels makes these skates a solid choice for both casual and more serious skaters. 🌟

High-Quality Frame and Wheel Composition

The 2PF Unity 11.8″ frame on these skates provides a stable and responsive ride. Made from durable materials, it holds up well under various conditions. This contributes to a smooth skating experience.

The 125mm Elemental wheels are made from high-quality polyurethane. They roll smoothly on most surfaces, making them great for both beginners and experienced skaters. These large wheels help in maintaining speed without much effort.


  • Strong, durable frame
  • Large wheels for stable rolling
  • Smooth performance


  • Larger wheels may need more control
  • Frame might feel stiff for some users

Evaluating the Comfort and Performance

These skates provide a combination of speed and comfort. The frame and large wheels contribute to a smooth ride, reducing rolling resistance and allowing us to glide effortlessly. The rigid plastic cuff adds stability, making our experience secure.

We also appreciate the soft rear cuff and the V-cuts in the front lace area, which enhance flexibility. This flexibility is especially helpful for maintaining comfort during long skating sessions.

A minor downside is the absence of a brake, which might require some adjustment, especially if we’re new to this type of skate. Overall, these features create a pleasant and efficient skating experience.

Pros and Cons


One standout feature of these skates is their blend of speed and comfort. The Semi Race III strikes a balance between racing and recreational skating, letting us enjoy fast rides while staying comfortable.

The addition of the rigid plastic cuff in this version offers better stability. This makes it easier for us to maintain control, even at high speeds. Another great aspect is the forward flexion, thanks to the soft rear cuff and the large V’s in the front lace area.

Many users rave about the 125mm wheels and ABEC7 bearings, which provide a super smooth and swift ride. We can feel the near-zero rolling resistance. Plus, the option to customize the skate setup with different wheel sizes adds to its versatility.


On the flip side, figuring out how to stop can be a challenge for some, as these skates do not come with a brake. This might require extra practice or alternative methods to stop safely.

Another point to consider is the price. While the features are impressive, it might be on the pricier side for casual skaters. It seems more suited for those of us who are serious about inline skating. Some users also took time to get used to the large wheels, especially if transitioning from smaller sizes.

In summary, while the skates have a lot to offer, they might not be the best fit for everyone, especially beginners or those looking for a more budget-friendly option.

Customer Reviews

Many users express that these skates offer a remarkably smooth riding experience. People are often impressed by the large 125mm wheels, which help achieve a glide with minimal rolling resistance.

Some users are delighted by the customizable fit of the skates. They praise how the skates mold to their foot shape, making them comfortable for long rides. The skates also receive positive comments for their stylish appearance.

There are a few concerns, though. A notable one is the lack of a brake, which makes some users uneasy, particularly those new to inline skating. For the most part, folks appreciate the speed these skates provide, yet mention the need for practice to handle them safely.

Most feedback is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting both performance and comfort as key strengths. It’s clear the skates have made a strong impression on the community.


After researching and analyzing, we see that the Bont Semi Race III Inline Skates offer excellent performance, combining smooth rides and comfortable fit with their large 125mm wheels and ABEC7 bearings.

Most users rave about the comfort and speed, while some are nervous about the lack of a brake. Despite this minor concern, the majority are impressed by the quality and performance.

If you’re looking for high-quality inline skates, these seem like a strong contender. They might be a bit intimidating at first, especially for those unfamiliar with the larger wheels, but the overwhelmingly positive reviews suggest they are worth the investment.

Bont Semi Race III Inline Skates - 2PF Unity 11.8' Frame + Elemental 125mm Wheels + ABEC7 Bearings (Black, 5.5)Pin
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Bont Semi Race III Inline Skates – 2PF Unity 11.8″ Frame + Elemental 125mm Wheels + ABEC7 Bearings (Black, 5.5)
  • The Bont Semi Race is the boot that defined the category. We designed this boot for skaters who wanted something in between a racing boot and a recreational skate.
  • A skate made for skaters who want to skate fast and do it in comfort. In this third iteration of the Semi Race, we have added a rigid plastic cuff for the first time for added stability.
  • The boot still retains a very soft rear cuff for forward flexion. It has large V’s cut in the front lace area, which also aids forward flexion.
  • This inline skate can be optioned as a 3-wheel inline skate or a 4-wheel inline skate with wheel sizes from 90mm to 125mm.
  • Semi Race III Inline Skates + 2PF Unity 11.8″ Frame + Elemental 125mm Wheels + ABEC7 Bearings

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